9th Legion CrossFit

9th Legion CrossFit

Unit A2 Seedbed Centre
Wyncolls Road
Severalls Park

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07894 955240
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Welcome to CrossFit 9th Legion Essex!

If you’re looking for a place to improve your lifestyle, get fit and toned, improve on your flexibility, or just a fun energetic sport, CrossFit is the place for you! Involved during training is constantly varied, high intensity, and a range of functional movement… and most importantly always room for improvement.

Why join us?
We provide classes for adults and kids, so no matter how old you are there’s a place here for you. You’ll gain confidence in not only the sport, but in yourself too. You’ll become stronger and toned over time and dedication. You’ll lose weight/burn fat quickly. You’ll improve fitness for your sport and/or wellbeing

We also offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes for: Kids beginners, adult beginners, kids mixed ability, submission wrestling and freestyle wrestling

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07894 955240
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