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Welcome To Things To Do In Colchester

We are your one stop shop for everything Colchester. This local online business directory is the perfect place to find Things To Do In Colchester along with services, restaurants, cafe’s, charities and everything in between. Additionally, you can see upcoming events for the local area. There’s more too, we also list job vacancies here as well. If you have any upcoming events in Colchester then you can list them for free. It’s the same for job vacancies too. Head over to our ‘add your event‘ or ‘add your vacancy‘ pages to get started.

Colchester City is full of activities to do with your family, friends and loved ones. Navigate your way to our categories to start looking or type something into the search bar. There are all sorts of businesses in all kinds of industries already listed on our directory. Start browsing when you’re ready.

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Colchester Castle Park

This is the staple of deep history which Colchester City has. The castle itself and the Victorian park which surrounds it contains evidence of 2000 years of history. The castle is available to enter through talks and tours. A tour inside Colchester Castle will give you a rare insight into the past. Get a sense of what it was like to be alive back then. Check out the gift shop here to pick up a souvenir from your visit.

There’s lots to do in the surrounding areas of the Castle too. Check out Colchester Castle Park for a serene route. The Victorian gardens provide for some luscious scenery. In the Summer months it becomes the ideal spot for a picnic. The boating lake nearby lets you hop inside a pedal boat for a relaxing drift around.

Bring the kids because Colchester Castle Park has an exceptional play area. Along with wide open spaces, it’s the perfect place to wear them out. The play area has all manner of climbing frame and swings. The zip line will zoom you across to the other side in seconds. Kids of all ages are welcome and safe to play. The beach section is ideal for the younger tots.

Colchester Stadium

The JobServe Community Stadium and Colchester FC make up the Colchester Stadium. With a capacity of over 10,000, the stadium was opened in 2008. The stadium is very easily accessed from the A12. The surrounding area has lots of features too. You are able to hire out areas of the stadium for your private functions. In the car park you can fit more than 600 vehicles. Free parking and complimentary Wi-Fi for visitors means for a great day out at Colchester Stadium. Find other Things To Do In Colchester throughout our website. Find out more about Colchester FC here – Colchester Football Club.

The Colchester Stadium and football club can be seen from the A12. It’s not easily missed. If you travel along the A12 near Colchester then you would have seen it. Opposite the stadium is the Rugby Club. The park and ride is also in this area which allows you to get transport to the town centre if you don’t want to drive yourself. The park and ride area is also where you can find the Colchester car boot every Sunday on the hard surface. Traders for all over the county travel to sell here.

Colchester Zoo

Visiting Colchester Zoo gives you a chance for some close encounters with more than 5,600 animals. Visitors come from all over to see the Zoo. It has a fantastic reputation and is in the top 10 list of Zoo’s in Europe. Kids can learn so much about wildlife and their environments. Schools regularly come for visits to Colchester Zoo because of the knowledge it can bring.

As you explore you will visit many different habitats. Animals across the world need all kinds of environments to be able to survive. Navigate from the African plains where you can see Giraffe’s, Elephants, Zebra’s and more to the Asian jungles to meet our Orangutans. During your family visit to Colchester Zoo you can take part in a variety of activities. Some of these include hand feeding our giraffes and elephants, visit the discovery den, make a sand bottle, feed the birds and more. Walk through our underwater tunnel where you can see the sealions swim overhead.

Set across a 60 acre parkland with lakes and all kinds of other environments. There are a variety of areas in Colchester Zoo which you can visit. Plenty of them are undercover too so even on a rainy day there’s lots to see. Find more information on their website.

About Colchester City

Colchester is now a city and has become the third town in Essex to get city status. In a recent years, Southend and Colchester followed Chelmsford in becoming cities.

Since Colchester was founded in the first century by the Romans, there are many areas around Colchester where you can see evidence and remains of the original structures. Its a great place to spend the day walking around visiting Colchester Castle and various other historical places.

For a short period, Colchester or as it was known at the time (Camulodunum) was the capital of Britain. It was destroyed in a rebellion around AD 60 and not long after this London became the Capital of Britain. A couple of quick facts are that there once was a Roman chariot racing arena in Colchester city when the Romans occupied Colchester. The other is that one of the worlds most recognised nursery rhymes, Twinkle Twinkle little star was written by Jane Taylor in 1806 when she was only 23 years old. Walking around Colchester looking at all the old remains is still one of the best Things to do in Colchester and it’s free.

Known as a Garrison town, there is a wide area which serves as an army base and homes for army personnel. There are a few great museums to visit. Hollytrees Museum in the former house of Charles Gray, the Colchester Castle which is in the fantastic Colchester Park  was built approximately 2,000 years ago by the Romans. Then there’s the Natural history Museum which is located in the All Saints Church. In regards to theatres, there is the Mercury theatre and Headgate Theatre.

Places To Visit

The city is home to the world famous Colchester Zoo which opened to the public in 1973. It covers 60 acres of lakes and parkland and has over two hundred species of animal. It was originally known as Stanway Hall park zoo. These days the zoo sits comfortably in the top 10 zoo’s on the continent. Also, the roller skating rink here is said to be the third best skating rink in the world. On the outskirts of the city centre it’s known as Roller World. The leisure centre is packed full of fun things to do for everyone. Leisure world is here and has great swimming outlets. Enjoy the kids swimming pool with slides, waterfalls and varied depths. The Olympic pool is complete with a diving board. Take part in swim classes for kids of all ages. The famous Charter hall is located near the leisure centre which has many events held there throughout the year.

Business owners are able to attend some of the many networking events held across Colchester. Find them at all types of venues. Just search for networking or online networking Colchester. We can’t forget to mention Essex university. This university is known world wide and brings much economical growth to Colchester. Students from all over the world visiting Colchester to learn. There’s a lovely walk along the river Colne from the Hythe Quay to the University and so many wonderful walks throughout Colchester. Fantastic shops and shopping centres, with a wide arrange of pubs and clubs for those who fancy a night out in Colchester. It’s also of interest that Colchester is not far from a trip to the coast, either visiting Mersea Island or Clacton On Sea.

So if you are looking for Things To Do In Colchester get yourself there and have a great day out.

In Colchester City

Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town. It served as the first capital of Roman Britain. So as you can imagine, the town is absolutely steeped in history. It makes for an ideal place to take a walk and visit some of the structures that still stand today. Colchester Castle Park being the most famous location. The castle is a Norman castle which dates back to the second half of the 11th century. Most of the castle is still in tact and is the largest example of it’s kind in the whole of Europe. Enter the castle to find the Colchester Museum which is home to a variety of Roman exhibits. You will find a variety of other galleries and museums to browse in the town.

In the town you can find a whole wealth of shops, restaurants, cafe’s, pubs and entertainment centres like bowling, the leisure centre and the cinema. That means there is non stop fun for the kids and plenty of retail therapy to get involved in. Among all of this you can find plenty of parks and recreational fields to play sports on. If you like golf then you have a selection of courses to choose from.

Places To Eat

Feeling hungry? Whether you are in town and looking to sit down somewhere or at home wanting the food to come to you, you’re going to be spoiled for choice. With handy apps like Uber Eats and Just Eat means that you have many different cuisines all at your fingertips. Food can be at your door in a matter of minutes.

The town centre and surrounding areas of Colchester is home to many different establishments to sit down and have a delicious meal. Whether you fancy some fine dining or just want to head to the local pub, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Eating Out category to see all of the businesses we have listed where you can eat. Don’t worry if you’ve got the kids with you. There’s plenty of options which are family friendly and even have play areas to keep the little ones busy once they’re finished.

There are some outstanding establishments bringing some mouth watering food out of their kitchen. You’ve just got to find them. Some pushing the boundaries with the culinary world. Stacked burgers with all kinds of flavours flowing from them. There’s a steakhouse in Colchester where the meat just melts in your mouth. We’re excited for you to see what Colchester has to offer.

Away from all the great shops, things to do and restaurants, Colchester is also home to some great services. From gardeners, car repairs, estate agents, schools, hotels and much more. Take a browse around our website to see the businesses we have listed in the area. Things To Do In Colchester, we’re here to help you plan your visit or find a business. You can head over to one of our other nearby towns such as Ipswich or Chelmsford to see what’s going on there too. Head over to our Essex site to see what’s going on in the county.