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With friendly staff who are always happy to help and fresh, delicious lunchtime food, it’s no wonder we have such wonderful visitors. All of our food is made fresh and our customer service is second to none. We keep a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere at all times so that everyone can enjoy what they’re doing. Our sandwich selection is made with fresh bread and fresh ingredients which really makes the difference with a good sandwich. We aren’t skimpy with the fillings and have a great selection to choose from.

The Perfect Place for Freshly Prepared Lunch in Colchester

Be sure to ask what our daily special is or check out the board. We have some delicious items on there everyday. Also, we have a different soup that is made at home each day so don’t forget to ask or check out our board to find out what it is.

Whether you are joining us for breakfast or lunch, you are in for a treat. For breakfast we have healthy wholesome foods available and the same goes for lunch (although we do have a few indulgences available).

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If you would like to ask us any questions or just speak to a member of staff then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You should always feel welcome to pop past if you are in the area during our opening times. We will be happy to help.

If you haven’t visited before then don’t forget that there is a map at the bottom of the page which shows our exact location. You will also find our contact details a bit further down too. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page where you can keep in touch and up to date with our latest news and info. We post regular imagery of our food and new additions to the menu too.

We look forward to serving you sometime soon.

Opening Times:

Monday 9am–3pm
Tuesday 9am–3pm
Wednesday 9am–3pm
Thursday 9am–3pm
Friday 9am–3pm
Saturday 10am–2pm
Sunday Closed

Breakfast Colchester

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