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Dr Jean Raymond Ltd – DJR – provides care sector business services to clients situated in every part of the private care sector supply chain with dedicated health/care market consultants with a passion to introduce holistic care market solutions. The impact of government at both national and local level creates in-built inefficiencies in terms of how quality care works for an individual and the margin squeeze per care resident/consumer prompting a real need for a change in the pricing/financing model for the Private Care Sector.Dr Jean Raymond Ltd. DJR is passionate about improved margins in the Private Care Sector supply chain and working more effectively with the public sector interfaces on behalf of our clients, targeted fully on the quality of care to individuals and the continuity of the quality care at every level. We’re proud of our mission.

DJR is all about achieving this – Care focused organisations that can generate the highest margins are those that focus on five key capabilities:

  1. In service delivery and strategy;
  2. seamless supply chain access and channels resulting in responsive supply chain operations;
  3. organisation alignment with government policy/requirements with staff capability to deliver them;
  4. incorporation of technology architecture; and
  5. vendor management with the enablement of partnerships, alliances and coordination.

All five Critical to business success in the care sector.

DJR is extending the question of what works to all parts of the care sector supply chain working closely with our clients to improve their perspective holistically in their position within the supply chain focused to individual care with the five building blocks above, which we believe, are critical to quality care while achieving the business margins needed to maintain quality care. Joining up the services across a broad array of suppliers to connect and coordinate care, with an outcome-based approach by making the best use of a client’s business model and strategy.

There are solutions from the private sector rather than the continuing care financing on government centric models.

DJR is about creating these solutions in a coordinated, holistic private sector approach. The private sector is personal in nature with a predominance of small companies/care groups – therefore personal in nature throughout the supply chain.

DJR is about providing solutions to clients in every part of the private care sector within the supply chain for care services that meets our mission with dedicated experienced Health/Care consultants with a passion to introduce holistic care solutions providing a multi-faceted supply chain dynamic.

For more information about us and the services we provide, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you further. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

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