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Essex Children’s University is a charity that encourages, tracks and celebrates learning beyond the classroom.

Our mission is to make sure that children (aged 5 to 14) have a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. We truly want them to understand the power and potential that learning can unlock. It’s hard to see when you’re young but as you get older you realise how important it is.

Children’s University Promoting Learning Beyond The Classroom

We encourage children to try different learning activities and unfamiliar experiences, designed to be fun and inspiring.

For all of us, throughout our lives, every waking hour is a learning opportunity. Whether we’re learning good habits, bad habits, how to make a cup of tea, speak a different language, or forming opinions on pop bands, politicians or the state of the world.  We are all constantly learning.

Essex Children’s University believes that this is something worth celebrating.

Children can, and do, learn anywhere when doing all sorts of activities.  They often learn best when they decide what they want to learn, where and when and, most importantly, enjoy the experience.

We know that children who are involved in Children’s University Learning Activities, delivered by our quality assured Learning Destination Partners nationwide, become more inquisitive, independent and self-motivated learners with new skills and confidence, building resilience and trying new approaches, with a willingness to try something new.

Celebrating achievement is important to us.

Our Children’s University Learners, recording their learning hours in their own Passport to Learning, are working towards National Children’s University Awards which are presented at local graduation ceremonies, neatly modelled on the grown up version, at the University of Essex, Anglia Ruskin University and Writtle University College.

Children’s University is open to all children aged 5 to 14. We work in partnership with schools, teachers, families and learning destinations across Essex.

For more information please visit our website by clicking here or one of the buttons on this page or get in touch by phone or email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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