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Here to show you the world of cheap electricity and other utilities in Colchester and nationwide. We have been helping businesses, charities and homeowners to reduce the cost of their electric, gas and other utility bills in the Colchester area. Other aspects we can help with include saving money on gas, cheap heating oil, cheap water, low cost phones, broadband and cheap sim cards. With years of experience helping with these things, you can trust that you are in the best hands possible.

Householder Electricity Colchester

We can review your electricity and other household bills. Its common to find that electricity and gas supplies are with one company whilst another is providing broadband and phones and another is providing sims for mobile phones. This means that you have lots of bills to look after and manage. What we do is to show you how you could save money by combining all of these services into a single cheap contract. Free no obligation quotations are available.

Charity And Business Electricity Essex 

Does your business buy its electricity through one of the well-known household names? Who in your business is responsible for procuring electricity? How do you know that you’ve got a cheap deal? We use two specialist brokers to get you a deal on cheap electricity in Colchester. We can search over 50 electricity and gas suppliers and all at no cost to you. Often cheap deals are only available from specialist suppliers who only deal through brokers.  

Typical businesses that we help to get cheap gas and electricity are independent shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants, leisure facilities, care homes etc.

If you are a charity with a building or buildings we can also get you cheap electricity and other utilities. We use the same contacts that we have for business electricity. We just need copies of your bills to get you free quotes. It’s the starting point towards less overheads to pay each month. 

Heating Oil And Business Water

Even in Essex and Suffolk there are places which are not connected to the mains gas grid. They are dependent on heating oil for home and/or business use. However, we have access to cheap bulk wholesale rates nationwide for local deliveries in Essex.

Most businesses are used to checking to make sure they have a cheap price for their electricity but up to 75% still buy water from their local water supply company. Often, this is not cheap. Many businesses are unaware that there are cheaper providers available. Depending on your circumstances switching can typically save 15-25%. We can quickly review your bills to see how much we can help you save.   

Business Phones Colchester

In 2025, Openreach will cease to maintain the current PSTN/ISDN systems. They are no longer “fit for purpose”. Openreach are installing replacement Fibre cable systems. The new internet enabled IP System is the future for commercial users. All of the current systems and associated equipment will become “legacy” in 2025.  

Don’t get caught out by a “last minute rush”? Those businesses that start to plan for the change now will be best placed to manage the change. We work with two suppliers to make sure you get a cheap deal.

Simply get in touch using the contact details found here on this page. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist and answer any questions for you. We can get to work straight away on a free quotation for you or your business. Keep in touch by following our Facebook page and Linkedin page.

We look forward to saving you money.

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