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Amateur Boxing

Located in Colchester, Willies Gym is an established boxing club for both adults and children. Our passion is to support and encourage both amateur and beginners with not only their boxing skills and fitness, but mental well being too. Our instructors are highly experienced, skilled and have a great knowledge in what they do.

Boxing Club Colchester

There are no egos here, our club is very friendly, welcoming and always do what they can to show support. The club have a great passion in encouraging one another and it shows.  Boxing is a fantastic way to let off steam, have fun and get fit all at the same time. We also believe boxing is a great way to learn self control and defense against life situations. Willies Gym pride ourselves on our reputation and positive atmosphere within the gym. Our club is always growing with a whole diverse of ages.

Amateur, Women’s And Kids Boxing Classes

For more information on our training days and times just give us a call.  Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook page for regular updates, imagery and news. We’ll look forward to training with you soon.

Reviews –

“Awesome Gym, With the best atmosphere, Everyone there is friendly and Willing to offer help and advice, Tommy is hands down the most sincere and dedicated trainer around. 100% be recommending Willie’s gym.”

“Amazing gym for beginners, whether you just want to improve your fitness or learn how to box, you get it all here, such a friendly environment and amazing sessions!”

“This is an awesome place to learn how to box and to get extremely fit as well. Tommy Jacobs and Matt Jacobs are both amazing instructors and they will push you to your limits.”

Visit our Facebook for many more of our positive feedback- see for yourself.

Boxing Club Colchester

| Amateur Boxing

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